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Thread: Today's Gym Session

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    Another fitness test

    178 max Hr
    33.5 VO2 max
    245 watts

    Max hr up by 8
    VO2 up by 1.1
    Watts same

    Tired and struggling today.
    Not my best.

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    Leeds. Capital of Gods Own.
    Just starting back at the gym in an attempt to lose over 2 stone.

    Working with the 5:2 diet and 3 HIIT sessions per week I hope to achieve or better my goal by the end of November.

    I complete the high intensity on the exercise bike and rower with my HR well in to the 90 percent region.

    Started at 217lb on 12th August and currently at 203lb

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    Oh good luck!

    I used to be a rather erm, hefty chap, not that I am small now mind you, but over a decade ago I lost 3.5 stone in 3 months simply by cutting out wheat and dairy, eating plenty of rice, potatoes, corn and oats instead. Super tough, but a life changing experience and what set me off on a whole series of diet experiments.

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