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Thread: Bashed ribs!

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    What can I add. Bruised mine a few years ago and did not sleep for a week.
    There is no difference in treatment for cracked or bruised ribs. Just take the painkillers. I think I was about 2-3 weeks before I ran again.

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    I got elbowed in the ribs off a club mate whilst playing footy and the pain took forever to go away, especially painful at the end of races when breathing deeply/fast finishes. Racing hard can actually make the soreness worse.

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    Re: Bashed ribs!

    We're a sorry lot aren't we? Loads of bashed ribs in fellrunning circles.

    ajohns - sorry to hear yours are broken That almost makes me feel fortunate. My osteo had a look at mine today and he said it's bruised cartilage - so not as serious, but will still take some time to stop hurting. He did quite a lot of stretching work with me, and they've felt quite a bit better since, I think the 'spasming' has stopped. Hope yours start to feel better soon. I'm 7 days down the line now.

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    Re: Bashed ribs!

    i knew ajohnns were crocked soon as i saw him
    hes rite though , the usual painkillers arnt strong enuff

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