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Thread: 3 shires ldwa

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    I bottled out of the 7M "Cheshire Loop", just doing the main loop + Shutlingsloe
    nice to get up Gun on an event
    and Brucie Bonus diversion through Lud's Church(!) was the highlight
    22.5M total in a rather feeble 6:05
    good weather, great atmosphere and stunningly well organised event - Many Thanks to Staffordshire LDWA

    (hope to see you soon somewhere Nick!? upcoming I have deffo Anni Waltz and maybe Mow Cop and Rainow...)
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    Daz, I've only done the full route once, when I remember going through a very tired patch on that Cheshire loop. The Shutlingsloe out-and-back is always a given, though.

    They should include Lud's Church as part of the official route. It's years since I've been through it. I forget which event took us through there. Could it have been Cloud 7 Circuit, last run in the scorching August of 2003?

    I might see you at Rainow if I pull my finger out and do it this year.

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