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Thread: Anyone else get itchy feet...?

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    Funnily enough thinking about it I can identify sometimes with the itchy feet thing - sometimes it does seem to be connected to the washing powder, leechates, etc. Another thing I've noticed strangely enough that can bring it on is when your feet have been cold & immersed & then they are drying out afterwards. Thinking about it as well I also find it can occur when the circulation is restricted - eg when I am wearing climbing shoes & then take them off & put my walk in shoes & socks on.

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    I've had it a couple of times, normally on very cold days when training.

    It was when I got out the shower that they started itching on the tops like mad. I found talcum powder worked to ease the discomfort.

    I put it down to a marked change in temperature, i.e. very cold feet combined with poor circulation and then perhaps too hot a shower.

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