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Thread: Great Bakewell Pudding Race

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    Great Bakewell Pudding Race

    Anyone planning to do this on Sun 26th June? I'll be just back in the country and may use it to get used to running again.

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    Re: Great Bakewell Pudding Rac

    I think me and the Mrs will be there. Only done it once before, very much like a trail race (especially in the middle section) and a VERY fast first mile. Should be a good re-introduction.

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    I partook of a bit of Fishwicking this weekend by doing the Bakewell Pudding race following yesterdays Bosley Fete.

    230 runners set off from Bakewell Park up into the woods, along Calton Pastures, back into the woods, a long downhill track and then a few fields before crossing back into the park via the River Wye.

    6.5 miles, 800 feet in 49.18. 31st overall and 1st M60

    Looking at the results from the last running in 2019, I noted that Mark Lamb from Keswick broke the course record and recalled he was down here as part of Carl Bell's stag weekend in the Peak District. The Stag managed to carry his hangover to 80th place. Mr Fishwick was also part of the raiding party.

    A decent race, and for a 5 entry fee, which includes a Bakewell Pudding for all finishers, what's not to like!

    The organisers, who have been doing it for over 20 years, are looking for some new blood to take the reins.
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