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Thread: Fell running blogs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stagger View Post
    Ha ha ha last time i was at the NDG race you got lost

    Wharfy might have an old colour camera for a primative Lancashire lad.️

    Good stuff Mark hope you are well and smiling mate.
    Yeh, but I still made the checkpoints, even though Pavey Ark didn't have one.

    Oh I'm still smiling and I am well thanks Trev. Hope to see you at BOFRA this year. What do you recon?

    I've actually got a project on the go using old film cameras. Medium format and 35mm slide film and colour negative, with a few black and white thrown in too. My Dad offloaded a shed load of cameras onto me. It's been interesting messing about with them to be honest. Mainly manual 1950's & 1960's ones. Results vary.

    PS - Lindsay Buck reminded me of that little NDG adventure at Grisedale Grind in the week. It was very claggy you know.
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    Blog: Got them navigation blues
    - including links to two nav courses.

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    Running Wild

    I've created a new blog at

    Please take a look and let me know what you think. I would welcome your feedback.

    I'm aiming to add a new post every couple of weeks and it'll be a mixture of race descriptions, gear reviews and general thoughts on this great sport of ours.

    So far I have articles on the following:
    - Brontė Way fell race
    - Burnsall Classic fell race
    - Wet Underfoot - a return to autumnal weather
    - The Yorkshireman Marathon
    - Snowdonia Trail Marathon
    - Celebrating the Solstice
    - Running with a dog

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    Probably not the feedback you want, and yes, I might be missing out, but I do not read any blogs as I believe that the are written by people who are so arrogant that they think that everyone is interested in what they get up to in their lives.Not my cup of tea. No offence.
    Visibility good except in Hill Fog

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    A lot of blogs I come across, usually via the Facebook page, are drivel. But some are excellent sources of information.

    Tested To Destruction, by a Glossopdale Harrier, and I believe a forumite as well, is fantastic for getting a taste of races. If I'm ever researching an upcoming race, I obviously search on here first, but my next call is his blog pages.

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    Well-written with the right amount of humour. Although I prefer reading about those at the sharp end of races, I'm still always interested in others' views of various races. Keep it up!

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    Generally not a great reader of blogs but only as I have so little free time. I was interested in the running with dogs one as that is my usual companion on a lot of shorter runs. Whilst somewhat amusing it did throw up a couple of issues that others may feel the need to vermently object to so I would advise a little bit more judicious editing before posting.

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    Short blog piece about Colin Donnelly's running achievements, as a taster for the upcoming talk (next Tues) at the Buxton Adventure Festival - with a double bill of the amazing fell runners Colin Donnelly and Judith Jepson. Tickets available.

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