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Thread: Great Lakeland 3Day 2012

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    Like you Karen I opted for the A course and was pleased to complete all three days in reasonable shape.

    Our longest day out was Day 2 which we completed in 7 hours 43. Tough day slipping and sliding on wet rocks over Glaramara, Bowfell and Crinkle Crags - not much runnable ground.

    Definitely the right choice, in my view, to impose wet weather routes as I reckon including Scafell summit, plus Slight Side, plus Lingcove Bridge CP's would have added 2 to 3 hours to our day. Really enjoyed Day 3 as so much was runnable and it took-in parts of the Lakes little known to me. I see from the planner's report that they had wanted to use the railway - now that would have been fun! Muncaster Fell was however a highlight. Was it just me, or was it twice as long over that fell on the way home as on the way out?

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    Despite having a dodgy back and being severely under fit, I went to see what I could manage. Got all excited and went for the A class, survived Day 1 chasing Phil's coat tails and then day 2 and then day 3 too! It was all I could do to keep up ( and tbh, I didn't really!) let alone navigate my way so thanks Phil!
    Our GPS track over Glaramara had us heading 300m north, having gone 500m south ..... amusing in retrospect!
    Day 3 was a bit tough as I tweaked a calf muscle running in to camp at the end of day 2. Forgot all about it until the first hill next day ..... 'twas only pain!
    Went up lots of hills I hadn't visited before, now need to go again and see then without clag and snow and rain and be a bit fitter.
    Still feeling the effects 1 week on.
    Great event, back next year.

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    Went up Bowfell today for the second time, the first being day 2 a fortnight ago. It's a different experience without the clag.

    A great weekend on the A course. A bit of a shame to get to the wrong summit of Glaramara and then be too wet/lazy/indifferent to find the summit proper. Wpuldve been nice to have a proper finish but the legs were good enough all weekend, which was encouraging.

    I liked the sense of collective pride when Shane announced we would run out of beer.

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