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Thread: Alternative junior fishwicking

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    Alternative junior fishwicking

    Not fell related but did think of Mr Fishwock of this parish!!
    Yesterday's Yorkshire T+F champs, 1 athlete qualified for both 800m and 200m final (U15), issue was timing 3.25 and 3.35 respectively!! Promptly ran well in the first, walked around to the 200 much to the surprise of the officials who were lining up the rest of the field took up her lane and ran that (again she ran well!!). Definitely qualified for Fishwicking status albeit smaller distances in my opinion.

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    It seems fairly common in adult league track & field, where points are on offer.

    I've done 3000mtr steeplechase and then lined up for 1500mtrs 40mins later. Not pleasant.

    One fixture i even ended up officiating the discuss as each club must provide a certain quota of officials per fixture, to avoid a points deduction.

    We've got one lad who is a very competent 800mtr runner (county champ level), and he'll do the 800, probably another distance, the 4 x 400 relay, and as many field events as necessary. I don't know how he manages to keep track of where he needs to be during the fixture. What a clubman!

    One of our club superstars ran a sub-4 1500mtr, then 20mins later a sub-15 5000mtrs (despite having to stop on lap 1 to tie his laces). Unbelievable level of ability.

    It can make things a bit of a farce though... seen people basically throw the javelin 1mtr straight into the ground just to get a qualifying point, as they don't know how to throw it properly. And on the above-mentioned steeplechase, runners having to climb the barriers with their hands (i managed to clear all barriers, although did use a step on top of each one).

    It's very impressive for a junior to do such a thing though!
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