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    Wind Power

    Just read this on one the blogs on the blog strand - powerful stuff - stopped me in my tracks as I imagined how I might feel if my favourite hill tops went the same way...High Brown Knoll, Heptonstall Moor, Stoodly Pike....

    “By the headwaters of the River Findhorn, lies Carn na Saobhaidhe, the cairn of the fox’s den, arguably the remotest Corbett in the land… a vast, sprawling hill which I first climbed with my friend Peter Evans as part of a cross-Scotland walk many years ago… We couldn’t have imagined, in our wildest nightmares, that these hills could be taken over by towering metal giants, like something from an HG Wells novel. How wrong we were. As I lay by the small summit cairn and allowed the vastness of this wild landscape to percolate my own spirit I’m afraid I cried. I wept tears of frustration at man’s arrogance and greed. I wept tears of helplessness that people like me, to whom these wild places mean everything, couldn’t effectively fight the political/corporate forces that are determined to steal Scotland’s soul in the name of green energy. And I wept tears of genuine sorrow that my children’s children wouldn’t enjoy these places as I have done.”
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