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Thread: Sierre Zinal

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    Sierre to Zinal

    I have a place on the Sierre to Zinal,

    does anyone know about the orgnisation aspects, e.g. where to camp, what happens after the race, etc ? Any info greatly appreciated.

    Is anyone going to do it ?

    I seem to have doubled up this thread, I've also started one in the beginners section then realised that this is probably a better place for it... sorry!

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    Re: Sierre to Zinal

    My other half did this race two years ago. We camped on the campsite in Zinal, along with several other runners. The guides office in Zinal had all race information and you could enter/register there. It would probably been possible to cadge a lift from other runners down to Zinal for the start although a bus was put on for an extra fee (and an early start).
    There was a meal for runners at the finish and may have been other things put on in the evening but unfortunately my other half was in no state to attend anything after the race!!

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    Re: Sierre to Zinal

    Cheers for the info,

    did you mean a bus/lift down to Sierre from Zinal ?

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    Re: Sierre to Zinal

    U could run down?
    @roadrunneraj #gohardorgohome

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    Ilkley Harriers have a small group going out for the great Sierre-Zinal mountain race in Switzerland on Sunday Aug 12th. We've rented a fantastically well-situated chalet in Zinal for the nights of Friday, Sat and Sun, but because of the usual reasons, three of the original party have had to drop out, leaving space in our luxury pad. Can anyone make use? The cost would be 20 a night, in return for which you are promised some lively company. There is also a flight still booked which could be transferred to you, leaving Liverpool for Geneva on Friday morning, and possibly also a return flight. Let me know if you're interested.

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    sierre zinal

    for my 50th birthday in 2 years time i want to organise a club trip to the sierra zinal mountain race in switzerland{ if any one in our club will come that is}. has any one on the forum got any experience of taking a group to the race,travel ,accomodation, any useful websites etc. and info on how good or not good the race is ,iwould be greatful.

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    Question Sierre-Zinal

    Does anyone know if you still need a fit to race letter from your GP to compete in overseas races ,as you used to need one for french races. Is this the case for Switzerland

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    Feet in the Cowclaps

    Re: Sierre-Zinal

    There's nothing on the Sierre-Zinal website about asking for a medical certificate, coach. They just expect you to be in good health.

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    Re: Sierre-Zinal

    we never needed for last 2 years ,

    just enter on line its a peice of cake

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    disco stan

    Re: Sierre-Zinal

    I did Swiss Alpine Marathon Last year and i wasn't asked for anything like that

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