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Thread: Winter mitt found @ Llyn y Cŵn

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    Winter mitt found @ Llyn y Cŵn

    A couple of weeks ago I found a winter mitt in some rocks by Llyn y Cŵn (between Glyder Fawr and Y Garn). It had presumably been there for some months but still seemed in reasonable condition and usable. Unhelpfully, I can't remember the make or model (possibly Marmot?), but it was a serious piece of kit, about a foot long, something like those at this web page:

    I handed it in to the warden at Ogwen who can be contacted on 01248 602080 or

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    Re: Winter mitt found @ Llyn y

    Ah, I was wondering who had moved this - you're right, it's been there for a good few months! Been meaning to post on here about it for a while but kept forgetting.

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    Re: Winter mitt found @ Llyn y

    It could be mine. I lost one like that on Glyder Fawr, but if it was, it was about 8 years old. That was when the wind whipped it out of my hand as I stopped for lunch. But it deposited it in a hole between the rocks and was inaccessible. But got a new pair and threw the odd one away.

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