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Thread: Grizedale Horseshoe Race

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    Echo thanks to the RO and the marshals, especially at Grisedale Tarn where I took a tumble right 50 feet in front of them and had to retire. Dom and Al (I think) later caught me up on the path down and gave me a lift in their car to HQ, saving me another 2 miles walk on what turned out to be a fractured ankle.
    Thanks also to all the runners (without exception, all those who passed me) who slowed down and asked if I needed help although we were in plain sight of the checkpoint. Cheers guys.
    Back again next year.

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    Great race this Saturday - Incredible weather, cool, clear, the views off Helvellyn were so good three of us almost stopped to gawp and then remembered it's a race. Well done Achille Ratti - Busy field 350ish runners, but no delays, double dibbers at every checkpoint and the most efficient marshalling I've seen. Numbers were being streamed off to another marshal rapidly making note, before I'd got within 100 ft of the checkpoint! Finished 2:21 (45th Sr Mens, 103rd overall) which I'm very pleased with given first go at the race, wish I could have seen the leaders come in though, not a lot between them looking at times, must have been close - and echoing previous comments to future runners save something for after St Sunday - the descent into Patterdale and the last climb towards Birkhouse with wet shoes after the beck crossing is brutal!

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    Only three days to go - and entries close tomorrow (Thursday)!!

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