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Thread: Aire Valley Challenge

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    Aire Valley Challenge

    This is a new multiterrain race. If you missed it today, you'll have to wait until next year....
    I'm not entirely sure who organised it, but it seemed to have strong connections with Crosstrax. It heads west from Bramley Falls Park near Rodley, using tracks, footpaths, fields, roads, and a long (2 mile) canal towpath section at the end. It's about 10k in all.
    Although trail/cross country, a few fellow fellsmen were spotted getting in some speed training on a quiet January weekend in West Yorks.
    The race was won by Peter Branney of Kirkstall, with Tim Midgley 2nd and Gary Devine 3rd. I finished two thirds of the way down the field, 4 or 5 minutes behind GrahamB.
    An enjoyable race, friendly and well marshalled, and certainly worth considering again next year. 67 ran, which is pretty good for a first time event.

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    Re: Aire Valley Challenge

    i ran it liked the course shame no more turned out for it

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    Re: Aire Valley Challenge

    I didn't realise it was the first time it had been run.

    good course, though i suspect if you're sturggling the last 2 miles down the canal would prove tough.

    result and photos are up
    (must have been fun as the photos show me in a decent light for once!)
    'That's what you get when you suffer - you get results'

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