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Thread: Unbelievable

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    Re: Unbelievable

    That is totally unbelievable! I'm glad that you were around to help the poor woman out. Sounds like some kind of pedestrianised hit and run.
    'The birds are the keepers of our secrets'

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    Re: Unbelievable

    Quote Originally Posted by Rob Furness View Post
    For a moment there I thought this was another post from our friend JohnM32 and almost ignored it

    Good work, hopefully she's ok.
    Rob, that's just appeared if you wish to give him friendship advice!

    Anyway, well done johnmc but one wonders what the world is coming to when someone can just walk away from such a situation:thunbdown:

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    Re: Unbelievable

    Perhaps the same principle that led the 18 or so people to walk past the 2-year old girl in China who had been run over by a van (whose driver had subsequently driven off).

    Did anyone see Derren Brown's The Experiment last week? Striking stuff about what people can stoop to when they feel anonymous.

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    Re: Unbelievable

    Quote Originally Posted by Danbert Nocurry View Post

    Bloody hell i'm surprised at that. I think I might know where you were. Were you on that section of the disused Manchester Bolton & Bury Canal?
    Not the bit between Bury and Radcliffe if thats what you are thinking; Burrs is north of the town centre, the canal there was used to top up mill lodges before heading off to Elton Res which in turn topped up the canal proper. History/geography lesson over tho' I'm available for guided tours!

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