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Thread: 5 day long stich

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    5 day long stich

    Last weekend during the North East XC I developed what I thought was a stich. I considered dropping out on the first lap but ran on through in great pain and had to stop 3 times on the last lap to try to massage the stich out. Now I completed the course and expected the pain to go. It's 5days later and the pain is still there under my left ribs. Its uncomfortable to walk down a corridor. I managed a run on Tuesday using a very altered breathing technique (which meant the pain dissappeared) but it's been there during movement since. Have I ripped something? Is this usual? I'm getting quite concerned as I'm running the Rosedale RUmble in 2weekends and would quite like to complete my training/not let my fitness fatigue horribly before then.



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    Re: 5 day long stich

    Presumably it hurts when you move/breathe - which movements hurt the most? And you feel OK otherwise - no cough/phlegm/wheeze/sweating/anorexia and so on? Any shoulder pain - meaning an irritated diaphragm? A stitch has several causes but it is often local muscle cramp and if it lasts for any time it can cause actual muscle injury that can take days to resolve, just like prolonged cramp elsewhere. Unfortunately there are many causes for pain where you describe it - but it may well be the result of a prolonged episode of cramp.

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    Re: 5 day long stich

    A little shoulder pain yes. Whilst the race was on I also had some shoulder pain. I think there is a link between when I do upper body work (lots of pullups) and hard running causing stomach tightness. Having been a rockclimber for many years and having had a bit of an obsession with performing pullups I've begun to wonder if the stiches (which can be quite a regular occurance) are linked to overdeveloped back muscles compared to a weak core.

    Cheers for the response.

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    Re: 5 day long stich

    Not sure wether its relevant, or a similar thing. But during Ennerdale FR I got a bad case of trapped wind, that was in/under my ribs and up around my shoulder/back. I had a similar experience as you, in so much as it hung around for a fair while afterwards. I got slightly concerned I'd got angina or had a mild heart attack. However, wind it was!!! I do have occasionally problems with indigestion/trapped wind anyway.

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