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Thread: Three peaks training

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    Cool Three peaks training

    Hi everyboby any advice would be appreciated.

    Im trying to get ready for the 3 peaks and cant decide which way to go about it. Is it better to spend time on your feet with lots of miles (is there a minium you need to do) or start off shorter and faster and build the time spent on your feet. Last year I managed 4hrs 22mins at the peaks on this type of training but I realised it was not enough.
    At the moment I only do 3 sessions a week which are.

    5-7 miles on the road 7min-7.30min/mile this will be built up to 8-9miles
    8 miles trail/fell ave 1500ft climbing hard but doable. This will be built up to 10-12 miles
    10-13 miles on fell 2000ft/3000ft as hard as I can go. I will build this longer run up to about 19miles with 5000ft a couple of weeks before 3peaks.

    Last year I managed 4hrs 22mins at the peaks on this type of training but I realised it was not enough.

    I know I need another session but dont know wheather to run or bike and when to introduce it.

    Thanks in advance for any replies.

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    Re: Three peaks training

    3 or 4 x 20milers might help I reckon. Perhaps have a look at doing Rombalds Stride, Trollers Trot LDWA as warm-ups
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    Re: Three peaks training

    A good saving plan would be my best advice.
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    Re: Three peaks training

    I wouldn't worry too much about distance, work up to 20 miles or so but make sure you do plenty of hill work (it's the climbs/descents that will find you out if you haven't done enough). A very good runner I know recommended finding a decent steep but runnable and fairly long hill and doing repeats up and down it as a long run, for example working 10-20 x 0.5mile reps (total of 10-20 miles) all done at a steady pace but aiming for continuous running with no stops. Incredibly boring but very beneficial, or alternately find a loop with several good climbs (leave out any long flat sections if possible) and repeat the loop as many times as necessary. This sort of training will be forming part of my 3 peaks plan this year
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    Re: Three peaks training

    can't beat entering races as training, IMO: Edale, Haworth Hobble, Wadsworth Trog .... If you can run 13 miles on the fells 'hard' then I'd suggest you can probably jog round those three nice and easy. Chuck in a few short fast runs in between, you'll be in top nick.
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    Re: Three peaks training

    Run up n down a hill with a bike on ya shoulder, oooops wrong race
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