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Thread: Calder V Round 2012 onwards

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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    Good effort Simon!
    Andy Robinson
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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    Perfect conditions for a blast round this today, bone dry underfoot almost all the way and not too hot.

    Time - 2hr15m36s

    Wondering what time the top guys would get round this if they gave it a proper go (in good conditions). I'm thinking a sub 2hrs would be possible...

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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    GED that sounds like a new record to me. Top run.

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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    Quote Originally Posted by Rodders View Post
    GED that sounds like a new record to me. Top run.
    Yes that's a new record beating Tom Brunt's 2-17. Congratulations Ged. Good to see a bit more activity on the route this year. I will do a summary of the completions so far this year during July.

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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    Yep well done Ged, nice work.. and as for the double round.. blimey, respect. Don't think i'm up for one of them any time soon!

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    Re: Calder V Round 2012 onward

    I had a run round this on Saturday morning. With all the rain and sun recently some of the lesser traversed footpaths were pretty well covered in long grass and bracken and I came a cropper a couple of times, with hidden perils underfoot. But with an eye on Ged's time I was back up and running with no time lost.
    As it turned out it was all to no avail* as I was outside the record in 2-17. The towpath was closed so the run back to the White Lion was horrible on the road, especially after I'd put in some work to get close.
    Tempted to have another crack at it, but will have to wait for favourable conditions as Ged's put down a good time there.

    *Though it is still a really enjoyable route taking in some paths I've never 'done' before.
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    Keep wanting to have a drive over, & have a go at the 'CVR' with a couple of club-mates, but not managed to arrange it all yet
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    Did this today with Ged. Slightly(!) slower than his best time, about 3.23, but for my first off-road run I was really pleased. What a fabulous route and a great morning for it (arrived home as the hail started). Was a great help having Ged to guide and generally keep me going, really enjoyed it :-D

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    Evening all, first post, so be kind . I'm looking at having my first trot around this route through the day on either Tues 9th Sept or Fri 12th Sept. I'm not familiar with the area so expect it to take 3hrs plus (depending on how well I can navigate the course!). I've got the map and route from the go far website. Any pointers would be appreciated. Cheers Dave
    On the build up to a 2017 BG attempt

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    Hi 3755

    Not sure there's many pointers to give which probably explains the lack of replies!. The route directions/map are so good that it's pretty hard to go the wrong way! The only things I can think off are to take it easy on the first climb straight off the canal (it's a tough one) and watch out going down Dick's Lane cos it's pretty trippy (I've fallen over down there each of the 3 times I've done the route).

    Hope you get a good day for it, it's a great route!

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