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Thread: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    I enjoyed this race, beautiful day with the sun out and just warm enough to work up a sweat. Anybody know where the results / pics will be posted up?

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    Theres a few pictures here

    Will try and upload more later.

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    Cool Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    Wonderful day ! Congratulations to Anne and Pete for their first 50 years as a couple

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    Good video, cheers for posting!

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    I've noticed the results are up
    Eleanor Knowles, Ambleside AC

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    Can anyone tell me who was the first lady at Reston Scar as there are no categories in the results. I need the winning lady's time to work out our club GP points

    Many thanks

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    Re: 'Golden Pearl' Reston Scar

    I think it was Sharon Taylor who was 19th in 63:41.

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