This might be of interest to some on here - all the courses are at Beckett's Park (Leeds Met Uni) in Leeds.

There is a Drills Workshop with two physiotherapists from Carnegie and two international athletes this Wednesday 14th March at Beckett's Park. It will cost 6 (2 for the course and 4 entry to the track).

If you would like to go, you need to book today! Go to Link to and click on the "Coach and Athlete Workshops" link. I think they need a few extra people to book before they can confirm that the course will go ahead.

There is also possibly a 2nd course next Thursday 22nd.

There are also some injury prevention workshops with Alison Rose (Kelly Holmes and Jess Ennis' Physio) at Leeds Met on Wed 4th April and Thurs 12th April. These will cost 8.