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Thread: Cyber training - Coniston Fell

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    Cyber training - Coniston Fell

    I am stuck down south with no chance of a reccie of the route for the country show fell race in July.
    Last year I didnt enter as it was our first planned visit to Coniston - I then spent the early mornings of our hols learning the tourist route to the top f the Old Man (up Walnar Scar concrete Rd - right at the car park and wiggle up past the mines etc to the summit). We went back in the autumn and I realised (I do know this sounds pretty dumb but living in the south means I just have to grab chances when I can) there's many routes.. and had a go at one which takes you past the copper mines, only getting as far as the pudding stone

    Anyhow.. what I really need is someone with some patience to try and help me understand how I get to the top away from the obvious tourist path - I really am itching to have a go at the race this year

    Any help would be truley appreciated
    Wants to see the Old Fella again SOON!

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    Re: Cyber training - Coniston

    you start down at coniston water at coniston hall in the middle of the show field, and run upto the main road cross over road and under a bridge onto a footpath which brings you out onto the fell, via a boggy field below walna scar road and below and to the left of the car park you mentioned run upto walna scar road and cross over onto the side of the old man run up the quarry track a little way then pick your line up the fell side, to pick up a faint trod 3/4 the way up to the summit, then return the same way 6m 2400ft.
    coniston fairs a great day out, enjoy hope this helps.

    coniston fell race is a classic too..

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    Re: Cyber training - Coniston

    Cheers for that - I think I have an idea of this, but didnt really stray off paths last year during my runs so am apprehensive about getting lost
    I''ll have to check up on limit time too as I will be right at the back of the pack

    We went to the show last year - I thought it was fab, really great for the kids and loved all the events going on too!
    Wants to see the Old Fella again SOON!

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