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Thread: Cycle to race and WIN

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    Cool Cycle to race and WIN

    Cycling too and from a race is a great effort but to win is a cut above.

    Holmsie did it a couple of years ago at Pendle hill
    Jebby did it last year at Causey Pike
    Karl Gray has done it a couple of times at Midgley Moor
    Chris Loftus did it last week at Rivock Edge
    Gav Mulholland did it at Ian Roberts

    Feel free to add more names to the list as its a worthy effort.

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    Re: Cycle to race and WIN

    Karl also cycled to & won at the Hebden Bridge race around 3/4 years ago. I once cycled to a race and back and was 18th - not quite the same but not to bad.
    In 1950 mi dad cycled from Burnley to Ingleton to do a 33 mile team trial trial cycle race (which they won), and then cycled back home again. Needs must.

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    Re: Cycle to race and WIN

    It's just showing off..........surely ?

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    Re: Cycle to race and WIN

    Hell on the Humber (12hour overnight race) , the winner cycled 50miles to the race, had a bit of a break (about an hour) then ran 76miles and then cycled home again after the prize giving. Not fell running, but certainly worthy of mentioning.

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    Re: Cycle to race and WIN

    I used to cycle to and from races regularly because I didn't have a car or a driving license. This was in the sad days before I discovered fell running and the best result was 5th woman in a 10k road race after doing a 16m cycle to it. Not quite in the same league as the above runners! My times improved once I got a motorbike
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