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Thread: 'Closer To The Edge'

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    'Closer To The Edge'

    At last, I finally got round to buying it at ASDA

    What a cracking film, if inhabited by insanely brave people!!!
    Not watched it all just yet, as I was watching the 'Tour Of Flanders' this afternoon on EuroSport, when i got back in from a ride.

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    Re: 'Closer To The Edge'

    Cheers for that - right up my street so just ordered it.

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    Re: 'Closer To The Edge'

    truly brilliant little film - hang on to yer seats!

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    Re: 'Closer To The Edge'

    When I looked at the title of this thread I was a little worried that Danbert may have been spotted at Beachy Head

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    Re: 'Closer To The Edge'

    Bought this after hearing about it on this thread and watched it last night. I'm not ito bike racing at all, but thought this was a great film. Excellent stuff.

    Thought it was similar to the world of fell running in the sense that it's a sort of eccentric little world they inhabit, doing something most consider a bit extreme, but loving it and wouldn't change it for the world.
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    Re: 'Closer To The Edge'

    Probably the best ever bike racing film.

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