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Thread: Achilles Tendonosis Recovery

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    Re: Achilles Tendonosis Recove

    thanks for your replies.

    Its been a couple of weeks since my previous post and I have been able to do a couple of short runs, 3m last Saturday and 5.5m on Monday - i can now put my full weight on the foot with the AT problem, but its still pretty sore afterwards and my calf muscle is now rock hard and aching (pain seems to be gradually creeping higher up my leg).

    Daletown i ordered some Serrapeptase as you suggested and have been taking it daily for about a week. I'm seeing quite alot of improvement but as you say its difficult to know whether its coincidental and it could be as much to do with a few nights in the plantar boot, ongoing alternate ice and deep heat and plenty of rest. I guess i'll never know whether the recovery is due to one thing in particular or a combination, i'm just so relieved to be able to run again (albeit slowly and cautiously)

    Jez - thats weird, i guess you'll just have to run more to relieve the pain?!

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    Re: Achilles Tendonosis Recove

    Quote Originally Posted by Jez Hellewell View Post
    My AT is very strange. No pain when running or walking. I only get pain when sitting down or lying on the sofa. No position alleviates the pain. But I'm running pain free, so not complaining !
    I also had this, a real sharp pain when sitting watching TV or lying in bed, someone told me it's down to the 'scabs' around the injury sticking and then releasing when you move slightly??

    Good to hear it's getting better Tid, remember to back off if it's gets sore again, it makes for less time off in the log run.

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