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Thread: Clockwise of Anti-Clockwise

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    Clockwise of Anti-Clockwise

    Clockwise or Anti Clockwise! (put "of" in instead of "or" in the title!)

    I went out for a 16 mile run this morning and completed it at an average speed of 10:19 min miles. I have done this run many times in the past and I would have considered an average speed of 11:40 to be very good. Thanks to the advice/motivation/encouragement from the Overweight to Race Weight thread I have got my weight down considerble with a corrospending significant improvement in performance. This would would account for a fair bit of the 1:20 min/mile improvement on my previous measure of a "good run" Another significant change this morning was I done the run anti-clockwise for the first time. The question is can that make any difference on a circular route as the height change is excatly the same. The clockwise route involves (at 12 miles) crossing three fields that are very badly rutted by the farm animals. I find this very hard and really effects the hill climb that comes afterwards. In reverse these fields are at 4 mile where fresher legs can handle them better.

    The main climb up to Cowen Edge changes from a short sharp shock with a long easy decent to a long slow climb followed by a short technical decent.

    What do people think does the actually type of climb/decent, difficult bits early/late in the run significantly effect the possible speed.

    To answer the question I need to go out and do this run in my traditional clockwise direction, but I don't want to as the reverse direction is much nicer.
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