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Thread: Hokas

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    Forgot to report back. The Challengers are great - would definitely recommend them and the 8 was just fine. A little bit of an odd feel at first due to the amount of cushioning (which I was plainly unaccustomed to!) and also the width of the sole. I'm now used to that and have used them for all my runs for that couple of weeks. Grip is good but it has been so dry of late, it hard to tell what they will be like in the wet. Still thats not why I bought them.

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    I must admit when it comes to road shoes, i much prefer the Nike Zoom range (Pegasus, Vomero, etc), which have all the comfort of Hokas but in a much more streamlined shoe. I found the Nike Pegasus extremely comfortable and slipper-like.

    Nike appear to be trying to break into the market for trail shoes too, but i can't really see them doing that. I wouldn't be adverse to giving the Nike Pegasus Trail a bit of a test, but it's a gamble at that price, and i'd sooner stick with Scott/La Sportiva (or indeed Hoka)

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    Hoka update: I tried a few short runs in my new Hoka Mafetes: couldn't get on with them at all. Was glad to get back to my La Sportiva Akasha's.
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