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Thread: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    This is tragic news he was one of the greats and a true ambassador to the sport; always helping and advising no matter what your level. He will be deeply missed.

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    This is really terrible news. How can someone so young and so bloody fit leave us prematurely ? Not only was Daz a top runner but he had time for everybody. I last saw him at the Ben race where he gave me a reassuring tap on the shoulder by way of encouragement as I was still aiming for the summit and spoke to him later on in the evening in the pub.

    Rest in peace Daz. My thoughts and prayers go out to your family.

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    tragic news.
    I didn't know him personally, only on here. A personal inspiration in what can be achieved by hard work and dedication. Clearly a top bloke too.

    my thoughts are with his family.
    Adam Speed

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    Those who have said that Daz sums up the best in our sport are spot on, that's exactly how I think of Daz. Someone who loves the sport and the people within it. Humble about his own considerable talents and quick to praise the efforts of others, I always found Daz to be simply a terrific bloke.

    Rest in peace Daz and thank you for all your encouragement.


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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    Heard about this last night, shocked to the core and have been since.
    I'd know Daz for a few years but the first time I really got to know him was when his HPM team followed mine over Howden edge and Bleaklow on a foul night. The following year I was honoured to be part of a team that included Daz. He got injured falling in a bog early on in the race but his determination and spirit kept him going, never losing the will to push on.

    On a Wuthering hike Daz and Marvin dragged me round when the wheels fell off. Always great to catch up with at races. in recent years rise in performance was inspirational.

    As is said throughout his thread the fell running world has lost a true gentleman this weekend.

    Good bye Daz you'll not be forgotten

    Thoughts go out to the Family and all at Pennine

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    This morning, many runners have suddenly found themselves in mourning for a man man who touched many fell runners in many clubs, and at all levels. Here in Pennine we can't really believe what's happened.

    DazH was an inspiration and a friend who'll be missed by everybody who knew him. I last saw him with Steve, waiting to start leg 4 yesterday, bright as a button, fit as a fiddle!

    Perhaps the best testimonial might be the last article which Darren wrote for the Pennine Blog.
    Please read it - it sums up everything about Daz in his own words.


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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    We had the Pennine boys chasing us closely from the start on the last leg yesterday. Couldn't believe the news when i crossed the line, completely numb.

    I've been privileged to share 3 or 4 fantastic battles with Daz over the past 12 months or so. I had to be at the top of my game to even get close to him, so i'm glad I can say he was right there to share in some of my most memorable days in the fells.

    We only ever exchanged the odd handshake, pat on the back, quick greeting - never really needed more than that, just the mutual respect of a race hard fought.

    My thoughts go to all those who knew him closely, most of all his family.

    I hope fell running can honour and remember him appropriately.

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    I didn't know Daz personaly, but he was clearly a top guy and very accomplished fell runner.
    One of our team members on the same leg, who knew him well, ran past the incident thinking it was a walker receiving CPR.
    He was shocked and saddened on learning who it was afterwards.
    Our thoughts and condolences go out to all who knew Daz, his family, friends and members of Pennine, from all at Chorley Athletic & Tri.

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    Re: Darren Holloway (Pennine)

    Shocked and saddened at this news. RIP, Daz.

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