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Thread: Shingles

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    Re: Shingles

    Glen, shingles is certainly not life-threatening, but people who get it in their eyes sometimes go blind. People can also be left with long-term nerve damage and pain. Personally, I began feeling much better 2 weeks after diagnosis and starting the anti-virals. I think I was lucky, but I still felt wiped out for those 2 weeks. I am still getting some mild discomfort, principally itching. I am training regularly, even did a Parkrun last Saturday, but not notching up any PBs (no change there, then.)
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    Re: Shingles

    Quote Originally Posted by Glen222 View Post
    My fried had the similar problem of shingles but his condition was not so complicated and shingles were dried up after few days of using antibiotic. I think shingles dried up even if you don't use any thing for treating them but only cleanliness. Its my own thinking and I don't thing shingles are dangerous..
    Actually Glen222 shingles can be very dangerous, it is the chickenpox virus that lies dormant in the dorsal root ganglia of the nervous system and "reactivates" for some reason (e.g. trauma, stress, run down). The virus then migrates to the surface where the nerve infected serves as a touch/pain sensor, hence the typically linear or "band-like" rash as it follows the distribution of the nerve. The rash is infectious to those who have not had chickenpox whilst it is blistered, once crusted/dry it is no longer infectious.
    I always advise avoid those who are immunosupressed (e.g. on chemotherapy, newborn infants, AIDs sufferers) and those who have not had chickenpox and pregnant women.
    Chickenpox in adults is no picninc and can lead to life threatening complications like pneumonitis. If it affects a cranial nerve you can end up with Ramsay-Hunt syndrome, or if it affects the naso-ciliary branch of the trigeminal nerve it can be sight threatening ('s_sign) - very nasty!
    Best to treat within 48 hours of rash onset for best results. Antivirals not antibiotics are used.
    As Alexandra states the pain after (post herpetic neuralgia) can last for months and be very debilitating.:closed:

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    Re: Shingles

    I had shingles a couple of years ago, it is very uncomfortable, so sorr to hear that you have it. I just followed my mothers advice, rest and take it easy... and don't scratch. The body will heal itself over time.

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    Re: Shingles

    Think it varies. Hubby had it and was barely ill, just had the rash. A mate had it and was in bed for a month and took months to fully recover. Definately needs treatment though.

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    Re: Shingles

    Quote Originally Posted by Alexandra View Post
    ... (Rather discouragingly, the emergency Dr who prescribed the anti-virals also prescribed strong Co-codamol tablets, but I haven't taken one.) .
    I suspect the Dr assumed the worst, supplied the tablets and left it to you to decide. As others have said, shingles is highly variable, as is pain threshold.

    Cocodamol is good stuff and is extremely safe when used responsibly. I highly recommend it to get to sleep after a hard race if you suffer from 'buzzing legs'!

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    Re: Shingles

    Quote Originally Posted by AndyA View Post
    Cocodamol is good stuff and is extremely safe when used responsibly. I highly recommend it to get to sleep after a hard race if you suffer from 'buzzing legs'!
    You're obviously not racing hard enough Andy
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