Following requests for a little more info, I'd like to direct you to the Blackburn Harriers Facebook page where I have posted maps and a brief route description.

Here's a fuller description of the Senior 5K loop.

The Start / Finish of each leg is the Cross Country start which most will know. It is in the show field to the left of the access road which runs up towards Witton Pavillion from the main gates.
You will be able to pitch club tents - there is an area to the left of the Pavillion.

From the start, the route heads west across the field keeping between the 2 trees and the cycle path for around 250m before peeling off to the right and crossing the path at the farm gate, following the trail up to the left of the farm gate for approx 400m to steps. Climb steps turn left at top and then almost immediately right, still climbing.
This section continues to climb for around 800m passing through 2 gates until you arrive at the crossing of Under Billinge Lane (farm access road).
Bearing slightly right, cross the road and head through the stone doorway climbing around 100m to a path crossroads.
Turn left here and follow the path under a low branch and then climbing steeply as it turns to the right.
At the top of this steep section as the path bears left and flattens out cross a very small stream and turn immediately right, continuing to climb.
After around 250m the path flattens and take the left turn at a finger post bearing down hill on a gravel track for approx 100m to a path junction where you turn right and join a undulating section of trail for approx 700m ( a road and a few houses should be visible now on your left around 50 - 100m below you)
At the end of this section turn left sharply down hill to an old Car Park.
At the very bottom of the Car Park turn right along a path, passing a murky lagoon on the right before climbing gradually to a cross road of paths. Here turn right climbing steeply to a T junction where you turn left and continue to climb for around 400m before taking a left turn up to the Viewpoint.
Bear right across the summit, passing the concrete platform and bench on your left and as the path starts to drop off the summit bear left and follow the twisty path through the trees which is flat for around 30m before it starts to descend.
After around 100m take the right fork still descending and twisting then after about another 200m at T junction turn left climbing slightly to an undulating section.
This is around 500m and towards the end it descends gradually to a T junction where you turn right.
Now it is straight down around 500m to exit Billinge Woods on the left on to the road and turn left.
After 20m take the right turn through the gate and cross the field to the gate, then bear slightly left across the field to the gate at the top of Big Cover Wood.
Follow the gravel path down, descending the stepped section and cross the wood bridge at the bottom and turn right.
Follow this track passing the adventure play area and then the carved birds to the road.
Cross the road slightly right through the trees heading between the track and the pavillion and crossing the road to the handover point back a the start/finish area.

It is an extended version of the loop used for the World Mountain Running Trials held here a few years ago. In my opinion it's great terrain for racing and offers something for everyone.
Fell runners will find some of the descending quite fast and technical and it is all off road except for the few road crossings. A mixture of dirt, gravel and woodland tracks.

Overtaking is fine for most of the route. Perhaps the most difficult section would be the first 500m after the summit where the path narrows a little. Passing a slow runner would be fine here, but trying to pass someone racing at close to your speed may be a little trickier.

The Junior Loop follows the same course except
head through the stone doorway climbing around 100m to a path crossroads.
Turn right here and follow the path descending for around 300m before leaving the woods on to the road and turn left.
After 20m take the right turn through the gate