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Thread: Guy Fawkes 10

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    Re: Guy Fawkes 10

    Sad to have missed this years race as have done it the last two years and think it's a great route (and a great doggy bag at the end) but the dodgy neck doesn't seem to like running hills at the moment. Next year. Well done to all who ran each of those hills!!

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    Did this today, not sure why? Should have done Burley Moor instead on Saturday but got given a place by a fellow club member who is injured. 5 minutes slower than the last time I ran it - I was at the top of VM55 then and am now VM65. Nice course with big hills, but f**k me -road runners are a weird bunch more interested in the goody bag contents and T shirt style. Still hopefully good training for Birks Fell next weekend.
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    To be honest i find most runners to be generally the same as fellrunners... mainly good to talk to and get on with, dedicated to their sport.

    Of course, you get a far higher proportion of "recreational runners" in road running. I guess it depends who you train with and what races you do... you certainly wouldn't see many people bothered about t-shirts and such at the National Road Relays twice a year.

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