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Thread: Today's Rob Penn

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    Re: Today's Rob Penn

    Nice Shaun

    I am a tad jealous that I didn't think about asking to take over the management of Stawberry Cottage Wood though... Penn beat me to it

    I wonder if he wants help in the coming years I can help with the hazel coppicing in exchange for firewood
    “the cause of my pain, was the cause of my cure” Rumi

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    I just found out I have some more coppice restoration work coming up this winter, I don't do it very often but when the opportunity arises it's always very welcome!

    As well as restoring old coppice, we make fascines and install them on landslides to help stabilise the hillside, reduce erosion and ultimately reduce flooding in the valley.

    It's super tough work, but great fun! I like my billhook and axe quite a lot

    Totally missed this series and of course it's not available any more, but great to know there's possibly other coppicers here?

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