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Hadn't you heard? The landlord Brett Estates sold up. Being redeveloped as a vegan coffee bar and beard oil imperium. You'll all have to leg it to the masters lounge....recently revamped!
Just in case y'all hadn't noticed, Brett Estates sold this place a while back to fund his retirement plan. The Hipsters were on their way with the wrecking bars and JCBs but Covid struck and.....whadd'ya know? This place still stands! Only problem is, we are now just squatters till the Beards arrive with suits in tow. So I suggest you quaff whatever is left behind the bar and then leg it down to the Masters Lounge. That's a YT-owned facility so we should be safe there. And anyway, someone sacked the doorman here, so, in theory, any old riff-raff could get in!