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Thread: 3 week training rota

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    Re: 3 week training rota

    I'm not training for a BG or an ultra so I'm not drastically worried about progression. I want a stable training routine that I can adapt to various distances. the progression will come from measuring how hard/far/fast I do my quality work and whether it improves.
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    Re: 3 week training rota

    Hi Nigel

    I will give a bit more detail so you can have a better angle on what I am doing,

    Every weekend I have a long day on the hill, every other weekend will be reccie of one leg of the BG building up to two legs then three legs with a final full route MM style over two days. Nearer the date I will be doing back to back big days. So that is my weekend program.

    As said I work a 3 week roster, part of the problem is my commuting is 3 hours a day minimum, on one of the 3 shifts, my mid-morning start I can catch the train to work which saves on fuel, it is 10 mile to the railway station so on this week I run to the railway station with a rucksack weighing about 5-10kg, at the minute I run this twice a week then a long hill run at the weekend, although I have been doing 10k ish club races in the morning then doing a 3 hour or so hill run in the afternoon. I guess at the minute I am doing at least 50 miles on this week but will work up to 80 plus.

    The next shift I work is back shift I have to leave my house at 12:30, this gives me time to get in a 7-8 mile hill run on Tuesday and Thursday morning, on the Friday I can catch the train so that is 20 miles on the road, if I do the long hill run on the Saturday that gives me two hard days back to back.So that gives me 45 plus depending on how big a run I do at the weekend

    The next week is my morning week so I finish work early, we have club training nights on Tuesday and Thursday which is normally reps, speedwork, or hill reps on Tuesday, on Thursday it is a 10km tempo run, I like toget to these nights to catch up with club mates etc. So this week is 25ish miles, I have been known to get a 5 miler in before the club session though, so I could add this in again.

    One thought is if I `extra weight to my rucksack which I use for the work will the weight build strength in a similar way to hills?

    Conditioning work? Gym? Circuit training?

    Any advice is most welcome.

    Sorry Bob if this is hijacking or taking your thread in the wrong direction.


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