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Thread: 3 Peaks tomorrow 14th March?

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    Re: 3 Peaks - Wed 27th March

    Quote Originally Posted by Philg View Post
    Does anybody have any thoughts about whether a solo recce with a 7.30 start tomorrow (wednesday) would be doable in reasonable safety - or is this a bit foolhardy (as I suspect). Is the Ingleborough climb still bad?

    Thanks, Phil
    It will be great fun, no probs. The Ingleborough climb is okay, but has been dodgy going down. Its a bit different I guess because I'm local but I'm up and around one, t'other or all of the 3 peaks all of the time, mostly on my own. There's bound to be walkers about too any way

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    Re: 3 Peaks - Wed 27th March

    A group of us reccied it on Sunday. The climb up ingleborough was a bit tricky. It was my first time around the peaks but you could just manage to hold onto the top of the fence going up and then we had to put our feet in the steps that had been made in the snow and ice.

    Im presuming that as we could only just grab the top wire of the fence, the snow and ice must've been a couple of feet deep leading up the climb. The duckboards and steps were fine though. Wasn't bad heading off down the other side

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    Re: 3 Peaks - Wed 27th March

    Thanks for your advice Stolly and Rozzer. After your encouraging comments I went for it and had a stonking time. It was bright and sunny (albeit very cold on PYG at 8am - so cold my iphone camera wouldn't work) and with all the snow still around it was stunningly beautiful. It was warm and quite spring like in the valleys. As I approached the steep climb on Ingleborough it looked like I'd need crampons and an ice axe and I would have been worried but for your advice. I got up without drama using the fence for balance (except for a small section where it was completely buried!) and the footsteps in the snow - in fact it was faster than clambering up the rocky path!

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