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Thread: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Race 2

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    Re: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Ra

    A great day out for all and agree with all the previous comments. We had 7 juniors down from Ilkley either staying in a cheap travel Inn together or with friends in the area and made a weekend of it. One older junior even came down and back up on the train and said it was well worth it. All the juniors had a great time and said they would look forward to doing it again given the chance.

    Well done to Jim/Pauline and all at Mercia for a cracking event - It was well worth the trip down.
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    Re: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Ra

    Well done Jim and your team, some great comments. Everyone from Rossendale had a great day out.

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    Re: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Ra

    Results have been up on the Mercia site since yesterday!

    Many thanks to Jim, Pauline and Mercia for a very well organised event.

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    Re: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Ra

    I echo all that has been said. It was a truly superb event in a superb location. Well done to Jim, Pauline and Mercia FR. Great to see so many familiar faces too and see you at Cowpe.

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    Re: Stretton 27 Apr: Champs Ra

    many thanks for all involved on saturday. the courses we excellent.

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