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Thread: Langdale Horseshoe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IanDarkpeak View Post
    I was surprised that no one offered help whether asked or not.

    Rules for Runners Rule 7
    If you see another runner in difficulty, you should of course offer help
    Yes totally agree, I am quite shocked to hear that there were some runners that did not stop.

    On a more positive note the rainbow coming off Blisco was stunning.

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    Video showing Rickey Gates (leading American mountain-runner) dislocating his shoulder during a race, pushing it back in and carrying on to complete the race (the incident is at about 2:30): . Maybe djglover needs to learn this technique.
    In his lifetime he suffered from unreality, as do so many Englishmen.
    Jorge Luis Borges

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    Shoulders that have been dislocated several times can pop out and go back relatively easily, and painlessly for that matter. I suspect that is what we are looking at here.

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    Its a secret!
    Man handled by a doc and 2 male nurses to get mine back.
    8 weeks strapped to my body.
    Bloody painful.
    A quote,

    "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling, but in rising again after you fall."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mike T View Post
    Shoulders that have been dislocated several times can pop out and go back relatively easily, and painlessly for that matter. I suspect that is what we are looking at here.
    Yes, he said somewhere that he has had it happen a few times before.
    In his lifetime he suffered from unreality, as do so many Englishmen.
    Jorge Luis Borges

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    Langdale Horseshoe Fell Race

    A brief race description on the Ambleside website pulls no punches - This race is over a rough, tough course with almost exclusively rocky and slippy ground. The weather in October is rarely ‘pleasant’ and the fells are often clagged in, making navigation difficult on a course with many pathless sections.

    The first time I raced at Langdale Horseshoe it was damp and breezy with moderate visibility. That was back in 2011 when I was relatively new to fellrunning - not exactly a novice but I remember feeling intimidated by the panoramic view that surrounded me from the race headquarters at the valley bottom. When looking towards the cloud covered summits I was filled with fear and trepidation. However, after seeking reassurances about the race from fellow runners, my apprehension had soon diminished to the point of nervous excitement. On the start line one bloke referred to Langdale Horseshoe as being an acquired taste that should be sponsored by Marmite - you either ‘love it or hate it’. Thankfully after the race I was feeling the love. Currently I’ve participated in 494 different fell races with Langdale Horseshoe firmly placed as one of my favourites, it’s a race I try to attend most years. As for Marmite, well that’s a different story!

    My grandma was an advocate of Marmite. I’d have been preadolescent when she first introduced me to the yeasty spread. Due to its distinctive flavour she mixed it with butter to reduce the taste. She said “it’ll put hairs on your chest”. As a child I believed this sentiment, especially when taking into account the wispy hairs that often frequented my grandma’s chin. Marmite may have also put hairs on my grandma’s chest - I’m just grateful that I was never privy to this information. Thinking about it logically my grandma’s facial hair was probably caused by a loss of estrogen after the menopause. To my knowledge the regular consumption of Marmite will not encourage hair growth upon the chin or chest, or anywhere else for that matter. Unfortunately my grandma did fail to mention that Marmite tastes like shite - that’s understandable given that she never swore. My grandma always said “swearing shows a lack of intelligence and sophistication”. Yet she was more than happy to wipe my face with a saliva drenched handkerchief hidden beneath the sleeve of her cardigan. “Come here you mucky pup, you’ve got something on your face”...she’d say whilst licking her hanky ready to pounce. Often the gentle fabric of an hanky would be substituted for the more abrasive texture of a damp dishcloth. If given the choice of being cleansed by a bacteria loaded dishcloth or a germ soaked handkerchief - I’d simply make a run for it, head towards the door and scarper. And to this day that first Marmite butty was also my last...I hate the stuff.

    Dubious face cleansing techniques aside, I adored visiting my grandparents. I once made the comment “blimey, it’s hot in here” my grandma replied “if you think it’s hot in here you’d better start going to church, because it’s going to be hotter in hell”. She did make me laugh, what I wouldn’t do to be in her company one more time. I’d even eat a Marmite butty!

    In the week leading up to this years race the weather had been predominantly wet. Fortunately during the race we’re blessed with decent weather conditions with the only hindrance being the cloud shrouded summits of Bowfell and Crinkle Crags. I can navigate but I’m certainly no expert with a map and compass. Alison confirmed this during a recent holiday when she blurted out “if I was to list your best attributes navigation wouldn’t be one of them”. At the time of the outburst we were temporarily lost during a woodland walk and my questionable route choices had prompted a mood swing. The carefree holiday vibe had been replaced with ill-tempered grumbling - Alison was hungry and the dog was knackered. I’d be hard-pressed deciding who looked the more pissed off, I think Nellie the dog probably edged it. Out of curiosity I asked Alison to name my best attributes. I’ll be honest I wasn’t expecting “you’re good at washing up” to be number one. After dwelling on Alison’s appraisal of my cleaning prowess regarding cooking utensils, dishes and cutlery I responded with “hang on, washing up and navigation aren’t attributes they’re skills”. It felt good to correct my wife, but ultimately the ‘washing up’ comment had left me feeling sullen. Alison breaks the silence and shouts out “sensitive, surely that’s an attribute?” I called an end to the game, it was shit. Unlike my navigation at Langdale Horseshoe which was spot on...skills!

    After the race presentation I watched a guy pulling a bloke off in the middle of a field. I asked if he needed any assistance? He said “I’m fine mate, I’ve done it countless times”. Evidently, for his performance was impeccable and I was really impressed by his enthusiasm for the task at hand. I noticed he had a fantastic technique whereby he’d start off slow then gradually gain momentum once he’d achieved a firm grip. The look on the blokes face after the guy had finished pulling him off was that of total relief. The guy received a round of applause, his actions had drawn quite a crowd. I congratulated him on his good deed, heaping praise upon his handiwork. Credit where it’s due - the towing capabilities of his Four-wheel drive were exceptional...he can pull me off anytime.

    Many thanks to Dan and his many helpers. Well done Finlay Wild and Kelli Roberts on their wins. Special mention for the delicious pies - Ambleside you spoiled us!

    From the race I headed straight to Shap Wells Hotel for the biennial Bob Graham Club Reunion Dinner and Presentation. I was looking forward to receiving my certificate, especially when I’d heard Joss Naylor would be presenting them to all the new members. I’ll admit though, I was nervous about the evening as I’d been asked beforehand to give a talk about my own Bob Graham Round. I needn’t have been worried as the Bob Graham members were a lovely crowd - thank you one and all. After my talk Alison was very complimentary. Seizing the opportunity I asked her if I’m a better speaker than pot-washer? Apparently washing up is still my greatest skill.

    Whoopty f**king doo...sorry grandma!
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    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Very entertaining as always, Tindersticks. Langdale is one race I have never experienced but I have experienced Marmite, in significant quantities. Your Grandma lied about the hairs.

    Oh, and being a good washer-upper myself, I doff my hat to you.

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