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Thread: CVFR Training nights?

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    CVFR Training nights?

    Iíve just moved to Mytholmroyd and Iím itching to get out on the fells as much as possible. Does anybody know when and at what time CVFR meet (Iím assuming it is at the community centre). Iíve looked on their website and I canít find any information about training nights/times etc.

    Its exciting times at moment, as I get to built up a totally knew repertoire of runsÖ.Iíve not got a clue where Iím going at the moment though!


    P.S. I may not reply to replies for a while as I can only access the internet at work for a while.

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    Re: CVFR Training nights?

    Tuesdays at around 6.45. It is from the Community Centre,although occasionally they do have 'away' runs.
    Stoodley Pike fell race tomorrow night so they might be doing that instead.

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    Re: CVFR Training nights?


    this is the page on the CVFR site that details the upcoming training runs

    it can be hard to find as the website is jam packed with quality information!

    see you around soon

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