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Thread: Prostate Cancer

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    I'm having a prostate "check" tomorrow with the specialist. I asked for it because it's been a while that, at times, I can urinate extremely slowly.
    Both the GP and the specialist say the symptoms are most likely consequences of the prostate getting bigger, which is a normal process with ageing (I'm 46) and does not indicate cancer. But hey since we are here, why not getting it checked...

    BTW prostate is THE most common type of cancer (maybe also the most cancer death, not sure) and unlike some others is very easy to diagnose (you need the expert to check for it, you don't just "see it") and to treat, if taken early.

    I expect it will be VERY UNPLEASANT. Basically, a stranger inserting a finger into your backside and playing a little inside. The one thing that makes me cheer is that it is still probably not as bad as that telling my 10yr old daugther her Dad got prostate cancer LATE and did not check it earlier because of fear....

    Anyone has got stories to share?

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    I'm 61 and have had it checked twice now. The first time I found it Uncomfortable and Embarrassing and the second time just Embarrassing.
    I think the first time, the fact I was just so tense in anticipation of pain is what made it uncomfortable.There was no pain.

    My advice would be to RELAX and BREATHE!

    Hope all goes well.
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    No stories at first hand. I used to work for a company that did medical training devices. One the things they'd done in the past was a little cube with a hole in the bottom of it, and depending on which way round you held the cube the little squidgy bit you could feel inside the cube with your finger was a good approximation of what doctors should expect to feel when examining a normal or enlarged prostate.

    I think prostate cancer is very common but doesn't kill as many men as lung cancer. This is partly because it's slower growing. Many men die with it but not from it. Here's a crazy statistic: more than 70 percent of men over the age of 80 have some quantity of cancer cells in their prostate!

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