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Thread: First Fell Race...

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    First Fell Race...

    Not too sure how it rates against other fell races, but I took part in the Charmouth to Golden Cap race on Saturday and loved it!! I found the downhill bits the most fun, where I applied the "wisdom" of going as fast as I could and achieved a sub 4 minute mile
    Apart from the fantastic scenery and excellent organisation, there was a great atmosphere amongst the runners, which made it so enjoyable!

    Living in Surrey, there aren't that many (any?) fell races close by, so I may well be visiting some friends in Sheffield on a more regular basis

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    Re: First Fell Race...

    If you fancy something a little longer and you love the Dorset coast path, try the Dorset Doddle. Officially it's a walk, but quite a few people run it, and runners are welcome.

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    Re: First Fell Race...

    Not really fell races but you might not be far away to do Tunbridge Wells Harriers Erridge 10, Milland Valley Trail 21k and Lewes Downsland 10. My other half lives in East Sussex ad I do quite a bit of running on the Downs etc. Erridge and Lewes both good days out - free beer at Erridge too

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    Re: First Fell Race...

    Cheers - the Dorset Doddle looks like fun - will pencil it in for next year, as I'm rammed on the races/training front this year....
    I've heard of the Milland before, so will investigate beer is a great way to entice entries

    I've done a few ultras and some "interesting" marathons (Beachy Head, Langdale, etc) and a few boring city ones, but it looks like I may need to do some long term planning and some northward travelling for more fell races.....fortunately my girlfriend did Charmouth too and enjoyed it

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