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Thread: The class of 2014

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    The class of 2014

    I am looking to find a group of like minded people as a loose knit training group for a round in 2014 - and support each other on those attempts. My own goals are hopefully a joss 15 and BG in the same year, starting with a round in May. I cannot do heat.

    My intentions are to try to get at least 1 reccie a month of at least 5000 feet until feb to keep some climbing condition, then feb and mar to kick that up to closer to the desirable 10K a week - with a 7000+ with double legs, and possibly going all the way round on 2/3 days. Then supports and re re re rounds... across the late spring/ early summer until it gets too hot.

    I am suggesting using this thread to advertise reccies intended by that group.
    I don't expect all to turn up on all reccies. Just a pool of people interested in
    doing some of them some of the time.

    So an introduction...

    I know the route pretty well and have been supporting it / navving it even in clag since 1995 carrying rucksacks for 2/3 legs on occasion, occasionally at paces closer to 20 than 24. Have done all the legs many times over. Have done most of it happily at night vis a vis 1 and 2 Clock and 5 and 4 anti, and have done and or reccied most of it in thick white out clag. The only thing I never intend to repeat is Leg 3 Clock in the dark. I thought it might be bad: Stolly's round proved it was worse than even I thought it would be! That aside, I am up for anything!

    Whilst I would probably have done it easily back in 96/97, starting a few businesses - and a series of serious injuries meant I have never even toed the line for a BG start let alone a BG finish, having only had a couple of decent running years in the last 10.

    Most recently I tore an ankle apart around 4/5 years ago (rabbits on blencathra to blame) , that in consequence wrecked a knee, leading to an operation around 4 years ago. Now I have very little cartilage at all in that knee , even articular so despite the attempts to get back for the next two years, it has been slow to heal, and only this year have I been able to run anything like injury free, although as the first year back I am slow, able to maintain BG pace over 7/8 hours (eg leg 2 to dolly and back) but thats about it. Attempting to go 10-12hours this year, I could not hold the pace.

    The inability to run without limping slowly in many of those years has probably helped with knowledge, since I have reccied all sorts of variants over the years when unable to race or even support. Reccieing was pretty much all I could do. There is not a lot I have not tried! Take the direct route from clough apike to great dodd (arguable), and the direct descent of yewbarrow to red pike (I think worthwhile) I am a climber of sorts, and happy to show the group broad stand, when in condition for those who want to try it with a top rope.

    History has told me the second year back - ie next year - I manage to get faster, but I never seem to make the third before something snaps again - hence my user name! So my BG has to be next spring.

    I work from home/semi retired, so I can do weekdays as well as weekends for those who wish.

    So who would like to join in the class of 2014?
    All I am after is contacts of people interested in doing some of the reccies some of the time, from 1 a month till feb kicking up to serious amounts in feb/mar next year, weather permitting. With supports from late april on.

    PM or add to the thread as you wish.
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    Good luck alwaysinjured. Stef and I are always up for a run out in the spring. I'll keep an eye on your new thread
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Tup View Post
    Good luck alwaysinjured. Stef and I are always up for a run out in the spring. I'll keep an eye on your new thread
    Thanks. I saw Stef set off , and come through at dunmail the day she succeeded. Well done her.

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    Hi Mike

    I have a group of 4 from my club, all lads that supported me on my round looking at attempting next year. The 23rd May and 30th May are two of the lad’s dates. I will be helping out with recce runs and supporting them of course, also two others of my round are training for the Joss Challenge so they too will be looking at getting out.


    Annan and District Athletic Club.

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    Mike I'm in let me know when the reccee are hopefully catch up with you Kev

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    Quote Originally Posted by vespa View Post
    Mike I'm in let me know when the reccee are hopefully catch up with you Kev
    Thanks tahr & vespa

    Setting dates, I would like to go earlier so I bag may 16/17 - I can do cold, but not hot!

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    I hope to be doing a 50 @50 and a Joss Naylor, so I'm sure I can meet up for some training

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    I,m in please, i look forward to meeting some new and old like minded nutters. Dave N.

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    Class of 2014?
    I've never been associated with anything that was remotely class, but I'd be up for being part of this.

    I'm also semi-retired Mike so I'd be keen on some midweek outings too. We have very similar aspirations, but I've under-performed due to a lack of confidence rather than injury problems.
    “The higher we soar, the smaller we appear to those who cannot fly.”

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    Give a shout if you need any help with the route both in training mode or on the day. No promises as baby 2 due in early February, but i know the route quite well and have done all of it in bad weather in all seasons.

    Always keen to help, especially as the Forum has helped me on occasion.

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