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Thread: 100 fell races in 2013.

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    100 fell races in 2013.

    At Withins yesterday I clocked up my 103rd race of 2013. But more pleasing was the fact it was my 100th fell race of the year.
    After breaking the ton last year it was never my intension to do the same again. However, as the weeks/months passed it soon became apparent that I was actually racing more. So I thought sod it, here we go again.
    Quite pleased to have maintained a reasonable standard of performance, for a 43 year old, but still no 1st place. The best being 2nd twice....oh well, must try harder, or race less!!
    Managed to mix up the races with a good selection, 16 of which being longs, even taking in a few in Scotland and Wales.
    I would like to get another 10 races in this year, then I will have done 300 races in 3 years, the vast majority being on the fells.
    At the end of the year out of interest, I will work out how far I have travelled to and from races.....then seek therapy!!
    Happy running everybody and please take care.
    Darren Fishwick, Chorley.

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    Well done Darren.
    When you have a break from running the write up should be good.

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    Well done - a list would be of interest, if you have time between races. Have you done any training runs, or has it just been races that have kept you so fit?

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    I've seen you at about half a dozen of these, well, the back of you mainly. Impressive effort. I once managed to beat you - just - in a road race earlier this year but I can't get near you on the hills.

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    cracking stuff Darren, some good results in there as well!
    (currently on a rather paltry [by comparisson] 22 fell races for the year, although 9 road/track/XC races, 4 park runs and 37(!) Orienteering races bump those figures somewhat!)
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    Nic Barber. Downhill Dandy

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    That's awesome! I've managed 3 races this year - My art and running blog! Go on.. Take a look!

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    Great work mate, I told you that you'd enjoy fell running !!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Donkarlo View Post
    Great work mate, I told you that you'd enjoy fell running !!!
    Hey Darren

    I'd happily resuscitate the Rosey Nosey race on a random day in late December on the Clywydians to bump your numbers up. Just don't overdo it - when I overdo thing I usually end up injured or something!

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    Only just seen this Top effort my. Friend xx
    Going to try again....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amex View Post
    Only just seen this Top effort my. Friend xx
    Thank you champ!
    Going for 125, nearly there. Have a beltin Xmas mate, see you soon...champ.

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