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Thread: 100 fell races in 2013.

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    Quote Originally Posted by benshep View Post
    good work Darren. I ran alongside you at Langdale Horseshoe around the final summit and then you left me for dead on the descent. fantastic achievement on the 100.

    (you're not related to Mick Fishwick (Chie Exec of TEG Environmental) are you? i know there are a few fishwicks around your part of the country, so probably not.)
    Hi Ben, no I'm not related to Mick, or David fishwick, the guy from bank of Dave.
    See you on the fells.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amex View Post
    Only just seen this Top effort my. Friend xx
    Thank you champ!
    Going for 125, nearly there. Have a beltin Xmas mate, see you soon...champ.

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    Well done Darren, that's another one at the Stoop today.

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    Nice to see you yesterday - you'd think with all those races under your belt you'd have got the hang of tying up your laces by now. And well done at Corndon - cracking race, you did well - just saw results.

    See you at the weekend!

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    All the best Darren, missed you after Langdale horseshoe. Adam Perry said you would be on your way to the next race. Think he was rite FACT. Have a good one mate, Hope to be at Wansfell for photo's,

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    Hiya Paul, all the best....hope the pup is not running you ragged. Be good if you can make wansfell, take care .

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    Thats stunning!! 300 in three years!!? I thought I did really well one year to get in 52! Brilliant!
    I M Povey New Marske Harriers

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    Well done mate. You obviously drive a fair bit to get to races Darren, but I like the way you offset your carbon footprint by refusing to shave. Good on yer, ya scruffy bugger!

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    Impressive stuff. How the hell you manage to get all them races in and still stay pretty much injury free is amazing, and the miles you travel to and from races, friggin 'ell takes some dedication. Hats off to ya. Next year I'm 50 and would love to just manage 50 races that year, never mind bloody 100 of 'em.

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    Thank you Fozzy, all the best with your 50. It's strange and some would say stupid why we set ourselves little goals. For some just finishing a particular race is a massive achievement and rightfully so. We all have different abilities but are prepared to get off our arses and do something. I daren't work out how much I have spent on fuel. Hopefully there will be an article in the next fellrunner and this will give an idea of all the travelling involved.

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