I thought it was just me.

For 2 / 3 yrs now I have been plagued with calf pulls . Tried all kinds and seen many different therapist .
However I thought I had a breakthrough having had about 4 months without issue and built up to 10k

The last therapist I seen was a rugby league injury therapist . After a few short tests he assured me my problems are coming from weak hamstring and Glutes. I was also starting to get pain in my Hips ( Tendonitis ) this he said was more evidence that my hamstring are doing nothing and my calf’s are being overloaded .
I was given a strength programme to balance my quads and hams as well as strengthen my Glutes and lower back
. After 2 week of weights I was back running built up to 10k and was fine for 3 months . Lock down hit so couldn’t do my weights programme and with two week bang , calf goes again. Could be a coincidence ? Or it could be the therapist is bang on and the lack is stimulus in my calf’s through the weight training put them back into sleep mode. Anyway . Back to square one. I’ll update in the coming weeks when I’m on the programme again now I have tools to train .