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Thread: Repeated Calf Injuries

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    I thought it was just me.

    For 2 / 3 yrs now I have been plagued with calf pulls . Tried all kinds and seen many different therapist .
    However I thought I had a breakthrough having had about 4 months without issue and built up to 10k

    The last therapist I seen was a rugby league injury therapist . After a few short tests he assured me my problems are coming from weak hamstring and Glutes. I was also starting to get pain in my Hips ( Tendonitis ) this he said was more evidence that my hamstring are doing nothing and my calf’s are being overloaded .
    I was given a strength programme to balance my quads and hams as well as strengthen my Glutes and lower back
    . After 2 week of weights I was back running built up to 10k and was fine for 3 months . Lock down hit so couldn’t do my weights programme and with two week bang , calf goes again. Could be a coincidence ? Or it could be the therapist is bang on and the lack is stimulus in my calf’s through the weight training put them back into sleep mode. Anyway . Back to square one. I’ll update in the coming weeks when I’m on the programme again now I have tools to train .

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    ALERT regarding "repeated calf injuries"
    I have been having problems with my calves for some time now and cannot see a clear way through this. BUT, from my reading, I have found that intermittent calf pains can be a result of oxygen starvation of the muscles due to narrowed arteries. It can be an early warning of the possibility of future angina, heart attack or stroke.
    Most of us see physiotherapy as our first port of call for "calf pain" but there is very little mention of intermittent claudication if you look online or talk to your physio. Most of the stuff online seems to glibly repeat others about "stretching" or "strengthening." These techniques are not applicable if you have narrowing arteries.
    Just wanted to inform, not alarm. Maybe speak to a GP if you have stubborn lower leg/calf pains when you exercise.
    PS I am 67, have been endurance running for half a century and do not want to give up quite yet but this calf stuff is a real pain. My sympathies to fellow mortals.
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