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Thread: Old County Tops

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    Very enjoyable write-up.

    I have roped a Westies compadre in to doing this with me next year, all things being well. :-)

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    'sticks have I said you should write a book? If I have I'm saying it again. It'd be a good excuse for a Corbynesque trip to the barber too!
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    The things I'll do to miss a royal wedding!

    Running 37 miles with 10 000ft of ascent is pretty tame compared to the near death experiences which have occured to me during previous royal nuptials.

    Back in 1981 for the wedding of Charles and Diana my mum was raging, not with the monarchy, she's quite the royalist. No, she was furious with me...I'd ruined her day of watching the big occasion on TV. In my defence what 11 year old boy hasn't gone home, at least once, covered in chicken shit from head to toe?

    That's a story for another time, but suffice to say I'd won a bet and was to be the proud owner of an Iron Maiden album. This explanation didn't wash with my mum who made me strip off in our driveway whilst she hosed me down. I was afforded some dignity by being allowed to keep my Y-Fronts on....If Lady Di hadn't been otherwise engaged and had witnessed my humiliation she'd have taken me in at UNICEF.

    What better way to miss the wedding of William and Kate than to get stuck up a mountain in Scotland?

    My wife and I had gone Munro bagging and ended up huddled together in the middle of a storm whilst trying to keep sheltered against the summit cairn. Nellie our border terrier was hidden from the storm inside my coat, I swear the wind would've carried her away...Toto from Wizard of Oz springs to mind. I tried to lighten the mood by shouting into Alison's ear, "it could be worse, we could be watching the royal wedding"....I got no reply, but the look said it all, she wasn't happy.

    Thankfully the storm eventually abated and we made a safe descent.....and Alison has reminded me about it ever since. Especially when I say, "oh come on the weather will be fine, we'll be reet"...."yeah Darren, just like on royal wedding day, forget it".

    So, what of Harry and Meghan?

    Happy memories...whenever I see the newly weds I'll reminisce about my 3rd County Tops fell race.....not a hint of chicken shit, nor a terrifying storm....just a brilliant day on the fells.

    Been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

    Many thanks to Chris Jackson my race partner and Chris Lloyd the race organiser, along with all the fantastic people from Achille Ratti, you guys really do treat us like royalty before, during and after the race.

    "You look amazing", is apparently how Prince Harry greeted his bride to be at the alter. Well, I maybe a commoner but my Mrs likes my t-shirt and says it suits me...and that makes me feel like royalty.

    God save the queen
    We mean it man
    We love our queen
    God saves
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    Hey all, my OCT racepartner is unfortunately injured so I’m looking for a new partner, would anyone be keen? We were aiming for around 9 hours or so but i’m not worried about time- just looking to get round and have a good day out. So if anyone’s keen then drop me a line! Cheers

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    Just messaged you....

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    A few snaps from this years Old County Tops race


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    very nice.

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    Thanks for photos, and will look out for the others. My first time at oct, what an amazing day out. Got massively lucky with the weather and me and my partner shuffled round near the back, but had a great time (mostly anyway...), already thinking about next year. The organisers and helpers etc created a really relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere from start to finish. Thanks to all involved.

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