I found this ride whilst looking for details of one of the climbs that it incorporates (the link cropped up in the search)

It looks a heck of a ride round

50 miles/7,900 feet of ascent!!!!


I've ran Trooper Lane (during the Stainland Lions 'Bluebell Trail 10' back in May)
It's claimed it ascends 560 feet in less than 1/2 mile
(for comparison, Blackpool Tower is only 510 feet high)
It's a tough enough climb on two-legs, must be very hard on two-wheels

Ridden Lee Lane (Shibden Wall)a couple of times. Not an easy climb at all, with huge gaps between the cobbles & a fearsome corner on it
One attempt at it was on my old cross-bike (Paul Milnes 653) & 38 x 28 was a struggle, with trying to maintain traction too
I was on (road) tubs at that time too,on sparesr of wheels, it would have been a long walk home, as I remember not having a spare one at the time!!!!

Have a look at the climbs, I may try & persuade a couple of buddies to try it next spring..........