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Thread: 17th May anti-clockwise!

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    17th May anti-clockwise!

    Me and Gavin are going yet again for what's fast becoming an annual anti-clockwise BG attempt . Things are still at the planning stage but we're almost certainly going for an 8 am start on a 23 hour anti-clockwise schedule. The schedule's not yet final but it will be something like this:

    Leg 1

    Leave Moot Hall - 08:00
    Arrive Honister - 10:40

    Leg 2

    Leave Honister - 10:50
    Arrive Wasdale - 15:25

    Leg 3

    Leave Wasdale - 15:35
    Arrive Dunmail - 22:20

    Leg 4

    Leave Dunmail - 22:30
    Arrive Threlkeld - 02:45

    Leg 5

    Leave Threlkeld - 02:55
    Arrive Moot Hall - 07:05

    That schedule is straight off of Bob W's site and will need a bit of fiddle arsing around with - maybe a bit quicker for legs 1 and 2 and a bit slower for the last 4 and 5 but, anyway, its ball park. We probably have road support crews sorted, support for leg 1 and partial support for the other legs at the minute. Any volunteers for legs 2 to 5 then?

    Oh and its miles miles more fun going anti-clockwise

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    Its harder than the proper way round, so good luck Stolly.
    I wouldn't wish Leg 5 anti-clockwise on my worst enemy!
    Enjoy and remember those words on the day!

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    Nothing like persistence! It would be interesting to see how the anti-clockwise schedule stacks up.

    No need to register BTW if you are already a member

    Without me you'd be one place nearer the back

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    Brian - I am up that weekend (all things being well) and am hoping to get out on both your's and Gavin's AC round and Bill's CW round. Will take a look at schedules but should be OK for any legs really.


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    Count us OUT for the last leg
    Poacher turned game-keeper

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    This is the best way round, the last leg is brill - much better without the road.

    You can look down on Keswick and think - "all downhill from here", awesome :~)

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    Goodluck Stolly.

    Am still hoping to go other way round, same day. Might see you around Bowfell.

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    I'd be happy to help out on any leg/ legs. How about I do 4 and 5 with you?

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    That'll be fantastic Mikekeswick and Kev. I'll obviously firm things up between now and the day. Me and Gavin on our previous two a/c attempts fell foul of awful weather, especially on leg 4 (Dunmail to Threlkeld) but reckon we now have what it takes, whatever the weather. Leg 4 is absolutely the killer this way round (although the climb up Scafell on leg 3 also goes on a bit ) as its overnight, seemingly always always swamped in low cloud, high winds and lashing rain and, if that wasn't enough, starts with Seat Sandel, Fairfield and Dollywaggon back to back.

    Ironically I think that if we get there in time (and we will) I'm really looking forward to leg 5. Blencathra, Great Calva and Skiddaw done in that order is a fabulous way to finish a BG

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    I'll support on Leg 1 and do road support and I'd be prepared to do leg 5 (I'm used to hanging about at Threlkeld as the sun comes up!) or I can meet you coming off of Skiddaw and run in with you so that you don't decide to take it easy at the last minute!!
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