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Cheers Cyclops, I've read some people recommending higher reps and others lower reps and that higher weights can increase bulk...but if you run enough that shouldn't be a problem?
Dead lifts, straight legs or bent legs and what are RDLs?
You would only bulk up significantly if you followed a very intense and time consuming heavy lifting programme, we're talking heavy heavy lifting and lots of it over months to seriously bulk up. Plus some serious attention to nutrition. Not sure if you've met me or seen my photo but i lift fairly heavy weights regularly and I don't look massive or particularly muscley. What i have found though is that my running has got better with the strength work in my programme.

RDLs are romanian deadlifts. Youtube will show you diff between that and DL
stiff leg DLs dont necessarily have totally straight legs, as in knee not locked out. The less bend in knee the more emphasis on hamstrings. RDLs put more emphasis on quads, but hams and glutes still involved.
Best to get a PT or someone sho knows the differences to show you.