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Thread: 10,000ft per week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derby Tup View Post
    The dog walks, perambulations and gentle mid-weekers ....
    Haha, I do believe that DT is questioning my "training regime"

    On a ever so slightly more serious note I maintain that far too many serious people take training for the BG far too seriously. Just get out in the hills and run (alot), get to know the route, sort your eating out, get to love bad weather, cross your fingers, cobble together a support team and give it a bash

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    Yesterday I managed a 7 mile dog 'walk' with 1000ft in the morning and 9 miles run in the evening with roughly 3,200ft.

    That felt like a good training day.

    I may have been out walking the dog but a hills a hill and if you power up it the legs still ache and it's all good training. - My art and running blog! Go on.. Take a look!

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    I have often wondered as to what counts in logging 10000? for instance last week I did leg 1 on Friday at a keen pace although I walked the uphill's and then on Saturday walked up Robinson and Dale Head with my wife at a more sedate pace, Does it all count? In many ways I guess it does nt really matter that much so long as an accumulative training impact is being made over a number of weeks. Unfortunately now I have a 3 week break in BGR training due to Donnard and Pendle so 10000 a week is not going to happen in that time period. I will then put in a burst of hard days in April in prep for 17th May.

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    ....and a stinking cold has written off this week for me. I'll get a few walks in.

    Hopefully be feeling OK Monday and have a big recce of LM42 route again.
    Teggs Nose Fell Race Saturday 4th August 2018 14.30

    Simon Cartledge

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