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Thread: Yorkshire Round

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    As MOUNTAIN MAN commented, I managed to get around the Yorkshire 2000s last year. The BG is a good training run in prep for it!! I managed the BG in 21hr 30. This monster took over 36 hours.

    The Yorkshire round and Yorkshire 2000s are different routes, so check carefully! If anyone wants any route advice get in touch. I recced a few options.


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    Thanks Matt. It will be the shorter Yorkshire Round, not the Yorkshire 2000 I'm interested in. That ones epic lol. Great effort! We'll see how my BG goes as may be attempting it again in 2015 if I fail this year.

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    Bringing this long dormant thread back - I'm having a low key go at this on the last weekend in October. Not so bothered about the time but sub 24 is the broad aim. It's mainly a training session for the spine in January. Anyone fancying a bit of a steady jog out on a rarely completed round would be welcome. Bring cake.

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