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Thread: Exercise bike

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    Exercise bike

    Does anyone use/can anyone recommend using an exercise bike?

    Considering it as a bit of an extra or something to do while unable to run. A cheaper alternative to an actual bike!

    I know some people do good sessions on tread mills so maybe people get good use out of exercise bikes?

    Josh Hubbard - Ambleside AC

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    How can you tell which is the best product from the list on this site?

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    Not sure what you are looking for. I got a York Active 110 and it's relatively cheap, very quiet and a small footprint.

    It was for my wife, who doesn't get to run and walk as much with her current work patterns.

    For my fitness it's fine. It offers a training option that keeps me off my feet.

    A stronger athlete may want something with a little more resistance.
    Richard Taylor
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    York Active 110 is a good model for home. Not a lot of electronics, but it is quite enough for a workout.
    Choice of equipment for home gym.

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    Have you considered buying a bike and a turbo trainer so you can use the bike separately?

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    Mark i think you are trying to have a conversation with an automated robot!!

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    Not such a bad idea Travs. At least he won’t start arguing with you about Brexit or pinning your number on your vest
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